10,000€ And One Year

I have been going through a lot in the past months that I have not been writing anything. Writer’s block and realization that I do not enjoy living in this town and working with that feeling. And since I do not enjoy being here, I have been traveling a lot in the past year. So much in fact that I stopped enjoying it, which is kind of a sad thing.

I won a couple of months ago free session of life coaching via Instagram, and since that, we have had lots of conversations at home that what do I want to do in life.

You see, I don’t own anything. No car, no house, no nothing. We have our dream that in 15 years, we should be living in Malaga and making our living with Airbnb/long term rentals. We do already have one apartment (=not mine, but since we are we, it’s ours) and two savings accounts, but the apartment prices are high right now. It seems unlikely that we can buy anything from Costa del Sol until shit hits the fan in the same manner as it did in 2007. We need a new crisis to make our dreams come true.

Since I have woke up to the fact that a) I don’t own anything b) I can forget Costa del Sol, for now, we went just for laughs to see the houses in this town. And of course, I fell in love with one. And it’s that kind of “Everything out” situation that needs lots of TLC. (I’m pretty sure no one is going to buy it, Juan was pretty horrified by it.) 

Since the last crisis, to get a loan from a bank, you will have to have 30% of the property price saved up. It’s a lot of money for us millennials (seriously, who can throw such cash at the table without help from family in Spain?), and since I had a crush with this house, I started to make calculations.

If I can save 10,000€, the bank should give the loan for the rest? How long would it take?

So I made calculations that if I give up on traveling & all the other unnecessary things, I can actually save 833.33€ every month and I could magically have that 10,000€ in my bank account by 22.2.2021

We have made arrangements that Juan pays all the bills of this house and my responsability is to buy new furnitures & clean the house. I do also put money every month to our two savings accounts and rest have gone pretty We have made arrangements that Juan pays all the bills from this house, and my responsibility is to buy new furniture & clean the house. The food split is 50/50. I do also put money every month to our two savings accounts, and rest have gone pretty much on traveling.

By European standards, I’m not amazingly well off. I make about 24,000 in a year before taxes, but when looking at Spanish income levels, that’s pretty good money, especially when I do not have credit card loans on my shoulder.

Giving up on traveling on a larger scale might be a little bit difficult, but I think that if I make up creative ways to change landscapes without breaking the bank (We did that twice last year and last weekend as well), I should not go crazy or get depressed. Time will tell.

Since I don’t trust myself, I went today to the bank so that I could open a new account only for this project. “I’m so sorry, but we are merging with the neighbor town bank, and I can open you a new account next week, so please come back next Monday,” the clerk told me before showing the door to me.

Of course, Spain, what else?