It Was A Holiday

So again, I managed to neglect my blog for a couple of weeks.

First Juan came back From Japan and picked me up from Torremolinos. And not just me, but also Yulka and most of my stuff. What a welcome and a hard day after arriving back here.

We had the most romantic McDonald’s lunch at the mall before driving to Fuente de Piedra, and Yulka had her share of the food.

Fast & casual

There was despair in the air when we piled my stuff on the living room as they did not fit anywhere else. The bedroom occupied with our luggage, Juan’s nerd room had piles of anime figures from Japan, and my office was just a storage room.

“And you call yourself a minimalist”

So I began my one week holiday by orchestrating chaos.

First, I looked thru all the kitchenware that we had and made a
separate pile of doubles for our La Colina rental apartment. Another “We are not definitely going to use these” box went our actual storage room, and in that way, I was able to squeeze in things from my kitchen that are useful to us.

Saturday we spend on Torremolinos cleaning the rental apartment and picking up more stuff from mine. I had set my mind that I want to paint my office so we also visited a paint shop and I picked up some pink paint with glitter. Yes, very girly, indeed.

Sunday, I decided that the best way to start working would be by emptying our hallway and painting it with a fresh layer of white color. So I began my project, and by the evening, I got it done.

Next day was for bedroom closed & office, which was full of all the items as we did not have any place for them. When you live with a guy whose old clothes end up being used in the field, and when there is only one closet, there is a problem on the horizon.

1st I had to find a place for all the anime figures at the small bed at nerd room, then dump all of his work clothes to the bed, carry all the bedsheets and blanket from my office to the same pile and put my clothes to this reclaimed closet. After that, I moved more things to the living room and the freshly painted hallway.

When Juan came home, we had chaos in the nerd room, hallway, light yard, and living room. “Pero Bueno,” said him as we made the most simple lunch ever.

After 3 pm I wanted to start with the office paint project and let me say that it did not go as in movies. The paint was thick, and the result was patchy and ugly as hell, and I could tell that this was not going to happen. Juan was playing with Xbox as I went to say to him that he would need to call someone else to paint that stuff. Instead, he took over and spread paint all over the wall. It was really ugly, and the color was uneven. “Can we please now to call someone?” I asked.

It turned out that one distant relative was actually a professional painter and despite that Feria de Fuente the Piedra was starting on Thursday, and like everyone else, he was not going to work the rest of the week but despite that he promised to come next day at 4.30 pm to paint that room. Of course, we had spent most of the glitter paint by trying to do that painting our selves, so I told Juan that I needed more paint. Probably some other color.

As the next day arrived, Juan had to squeeze in half-day work, a trip to the paint shop with me. I had a vision that only one wall would be that glitter pink and all the other walls just normal pink. So I purchased another 40 € worth of paint.

Painter arrived on time, and after he had prepped the space as he liked, we looked into the colors. The glitter pink was cold toned, and the new pink was warm-toned. They did not match at all. Both were really pretty, but I had totally screwed this paint selection process. So there was only one way to do it. Paint over the 40€ glitter pink and say bye-bye to my vision of glittery wall. Also, the pink that I had purchased was super pink after two layers of paint, and I was starting to feel worried if I had messed this whole room up.

That is some pink room indeed

The good thing was that the painter only took 35€ for his work as we are family, but as I felt sorry for the guy, I paid 40€ and told him that we would call next time him before painting any colors to our walls.

My initial idea with my office had petrol blue walls and pink couch, but as Juan pointed out, that couch would look really ugly within one week after the first stains would appear

So I had visioned a pink room with petrol blue sofa, and now that got messed up as petrol blue does not really work out with the pink I had chosen. “Pink room” was the phase I wrote to Pinterest as I wanted to find out visual examples of how I could turn this to a win situation. Unfortunately, there were only pale pink rooms with light blue or petrol blue sofas, so I turned to google.

There it was — midnight blue sofa with the same pink that I had chosen accidentally.

Midnight blue it shall be. What a happy accident!