When Shit Hits The Fan

It was last Monday when I woke up early in Torremolinos, and as Juan headed for breakfast with this parents, I opened my fridge, took out 5 liters water bottle and I mixed my Ambronite shake as always.

Couple hours later I knew that I was in deep shit as I was rolling in agonizing pain and as I explained to Juan via WhatsApp that I will have to cancel everything for the day and no, I do not definitely do not want to see any doctor thank you very much.

At 5 pm we were driving back to Fuente de Piedra and I was pressed to see some medical help, so we stopped at Mollina for the emergency center. My expectations were not high as I have witnessed fare share of public healthcare in Finland and Spain and they are all the same. Pain killers and “Get better” wishes that do not help out.

Fifteen minutes later and I got my “Get better” wishes, Ibuprofeno and verdict of gastroenteritis. Great! Can I now go to bed?

This gastroenteritis is in a different league than the previous food poisonings that I have had before. Today is Friday, and I’m still recovering in the bed, and I’m pretty sure that I do not wish this even for my enemies as this is not a walk in the park. And I did try to walk in the park with Yulka and Luna on Tuesday morning, but the agonizing pain in my stomach told me “nope.” Even the 60 steps from the bed to the fridge were “nope.” Actually, everything from eating to sleeping has been “nope,” and I asked Juan the other day:

“What was the king’s name in the Netflix series The Last Kingdom?”
“It was Alfred, why?”
“He also had stomach pain, so I’m now Alfred.”
We laughed.

Alfred, King of Wessex, is a historical figure and now the historians think that he had a Crohn’s disease. Poor guy.

The good thing about the when shit hits the fan situations is that you can see who your partner is. Juan has taken care of the house, the animals, me, groceries, and on top of that, his work (=olive trees) and hobbies. What a guy! I could not have asked for better.

I have had my shitty boyfriends in the past who do not help you out when you most need it, and now I’m so grateful for the support I have.

The thing with shitty boyfriends/girlfriends/wives/husbands/friends is that you start to believe in the BS. That it’s your problem that you need help and it’s not their responsibility to provide that.

What is the point of a relationship where you don’t have any support when you need it most?

I actually talked about this January at dinner in Tenerife. I said that I’m done with all the BS people and I won’t accept them anymore in my life and if I feel that someone is only taking and not giving even on a mental level, they can hit the road, and I can always find better people in my life.

So far, my “new year, new me, new life” strategy has worked out, and I have found the good people in my life that I deserve.

I highly recommend the same for everybody; life is too short for shitty relationships! You deserve better!