So What About Us?

I think that for you to know who we happen to be, there must be an introduction!


Hi it’s me!

I’m 30 something but internally more like 20 something Finnish woman who left Finland behind back in 2014. I love animals, tea, chocolate (that I try to avoid), cycling, and freedom. I’m self-employed and working for A Ambronite remotely from home.

I’m interested in solar energy and electric cars, and I also keep my eyes on cryptocurrency; currently, I’m holding LiteCoin. These blog posts will also be in Steemit

I would love to make Youtube videos, but right now, I will stick with writing as it’s much easier and faster than creating amazing videos.


Also 30 something but internally more like 20 something Spanish guy. Loves animals, anime, retro games, general nerd stuff, and Japan.

Plays football, goes to the gym whenever possible. Enjoys watching UFC and Football. Viva Real Madrid!

Olive farmer and rents studio apartment in Torremolinos thru Airbnb and, more about that later

Luna, Yulka & Matilda

The best pillow ever

Matilda is 6-7 years old female cat who was rescued from the street. Loves to sleep, eat, and cuddle.

Yulka is 12 years old female Corgi who I adopted in summer 2015 from Bilbao. Loves to eat and sleep, a dog who will wander off to her adventures as she is an independed dog.

Luna is four years old female dog who was adopted from Antequera. Loves to play and run about 24/7 and has incredible amounts of energy. Favorite toy is an empty plastic bottle.

Fuente de Piedra

Is a town and municipality in the province of Málaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. The municipality is located approximately 19 kilometers from Antequera and 73 km from the provincial capital of Málaga.

is most well known for the local Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, home to one of the largest populations of flamingoes in Europe.

The town has 2000 habitats, three restaurants, pharmacy, two small local grocery stores, endless olive tree farms, and stunning views.